Do. Sep 21st, 2023

• Nvidia has released the code for its Neuralangelo framework, which allows users to turn high-quality video clips into 3D models.
• The tool can be used in game development, movie effects, architecture, engineering, or even entire metaverses.
• Neuralangelo uses multi-resolution and reinforcement learning for ultra-high definition model creation.

Nvidia Launches Neuralangelo

Nvidia has publicly released the code for its groundbreaking framework, Neuralangelo. This open source tool allows users to take a high-quality video clip and convert it into a 3D model. The model can then be used in game development, movie effects, architecture, engineering and entire metaverses.

How Does It Work?

Neuralangelo utilizes multi-resolution analysis and reinforcement learning (RL) to create ultra-high definition 3D models from regular video clips. RL is a type of machine learning algorithm that enables an agent to learn from its environment by making decisions and receiving rewards based on those decisions.

Applications Of Neuralangelo

The applications of this tool are limitless as it can be used in multiple fields such as gaming, film production, design/architecture projects and more! With the help of this technology you will also be able to create digital twins of real world scenes with the aid of ubiquitous mobile devices.

Benefits Of Using Neuralangelo

Neuralangelo provides many benefits over traditional 3D modeling tools such as increased accuracy due to its use of AI algorithms; faster turnaround times because it doesn’t require manual processing; cost savings since there is no need for expensive hardware or software; and scalability since it can process large amounts of data quickly.


Overall, Nvidia’s Neuralangelo blurs the line between real and virtual with artificial intelligence based 3D modeling capabilities that have never been seen before in any other software application or toolkit available today .This powerful tool will revolutionize how developers create immersive experiences across different industries!

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