Sa. Apr 13th, 2024

• HSBC customers in Hong Kong can now buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) futures ETFs.
• The move will expand local users’ exposure to cryptocurrencies in the region.
• The platform requires customers to read educational materials before investing.

HSBC Expands Cryptocurrency Exposure for Hong Kong Customers

HSBC has expanded cryptocurrency exposure to its Hong Kong customers by allowing them to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) futures exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The move will significantly increase local users’ access to cryptocurrencies in the region.

Educational Resources for Investors

The rollout of cryptocurrency ETFs is accompanied by the HSBC Virtual Asset Investor Education Centre, which provides investors with resources about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. Before they are allowed to invest in crypto ETFs, users must read and confirm that they understand the materials provided by this centre.

Hong Kong’s Crypto-Friendly Initiative

Hong Kong has been taking steps towards becoming a more crypto-friendly jurisdiction lately, with several initiatives aimed at encouraging digital asset participation, such as introducing an exchange licensing framework. This latest move from HSBC further solidifies Hong Kong’s position as a major player in the cryptocurrency arena.

Crypto ETP Inflows

This news comes after it was reported that crypto exchange-traded products saw $199 million inflows last week – the largest since July 2022 – according to data from 21Shares AG obtained by Bloomberg. This could be a sign of increasing institutional interest in the cryptocurrency market as more mainstream financial firms become involved.


Overall, this news marks another step forward for cryptocurrency adoption within both institutional finance and retail investors alike as major banks like HSBC continue to offer support for digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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